uncivilizing influences

the farm near the beach pictures from fairy stories surrounded by golden edges, heavy in my hands, the code that releases the story still a mystery but I understand when waves leave shells and jellyfish at my feet gulls dive, snatch thrashing crabs from muddy waves near the shore heart nervous system race shiver pound [...]


Trickle-down Education

I woke up a couple of days ago uncomfortable and restless, fading words from a dream conversation that ended in something something "bootstraps" and something something "trickle-down education." Maybe it was about crushing debt, unfinished degrees, the economic system that requires people to neglect their passions, their families, their communities, and their homes in order [...]

Short books #2 – Disaster reading

Hundreds of pdfs and over-my-head books from 2012 to 2016 made reading feel like a chore. My vision sucks, I get migraines, and I kind of get distracted and space out when something I read sticks in my head. Because of my short windows of clearheadedness,  I'm reading short books and picking through collections and [...]

put your hand on the tree, cyborg

headlights were so bright for so long. we were dazzled by gold, power, screens -- we lost focus, doubted our eyes, watched this happen over and over, fought, ran, went tharn trying to grasp at pieces of parents' odd beliefs, conquerer traditions from ancient worlds that sought to destroy other gods, stories. maps burned, landmarks [...]

a fistful of bitchcoins

Can't help but wonder if bitcoin is going to cause financial speculators to jump out the windows like in 1929. The people who are way into it are defending it HARD, and it seems so ... something I don't give a shit about, but also as a poorly thought out idea that will probably bite [...]